Created by Bita Sobhani.

Simple Blackboard

Simple Blackboard

Simple Blackboard

This app allows you to draw on a simple blackboard (or whiteboard). You can use it for drawing, jotting down, illustrations, math calculations and etc. The key features are:

  • You can choose blackboard or whiteboard.
  • You have various brush sizes and huge number of paint colors.
  • You can draw various shapes such as line, arrow, circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle, and polygon.
  • You can type text with adjustable font size.
  • You can load photo to the board.
  • You can record video from your drawing screen with sound from your device microphone.
  • You can save your drawing to your device. (To quickly clear the board, tap and hold the save-clear button.)
  • You can add or remove pages.
  • You can set your favourite paint colors and color opacity.
  • Your last drawing is always saved.
  • The device screen never goes off while you are using the app.
  • The premium purchase removes all ads, enables adding text, loading photo, drawing shapes and grid, setting favorite paint colors, and paint color opacity.

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