Created by Bita Sobhani.

Rohingya Dictionary

This is the first dictionary app for Rohingya-to-English and English-to-Rohingya translation based on the Rohingyalish writing system. The user can browse or search quickly for a word in the dictionary and see its translation. It also helps users learn the Rohingyalish alphabets using voice tables, various textbooks and videos.

The dictionary data and learning materials are created by Eng. Mohammed Siddique Basu, the inventor of the Rohingyalish writing system. In the year 2000, he came up with an intuitive idea to write Rohingya language using 28 Latin letters only. The new concept makes the writing system amazingly simple yet the speaking and the writing perfectly match to each other in an astonishing degree making it “What you write is what you read or vice versa”. So it requires only few minutes of training to read, write and master the language. This new system, known as Rohingyalish, has been recognized by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) on 18th July 2007. ISO assigned unique computer code as ISO 639-3 “rhg” to the language and listed it among the world languages.

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