Created by Bita Sobhani.

Robo Flute

Robo Native American Flute

Robo Flute

Using Robo Flute you can enter a musical phrase and find out how it sounds like when playing with a real flute. Insert a sequence of notes and set the fingering and timing for each note using the keyboard. Robo Flute will then play it for you. You can select from a variety of flutes including Native American Flute, Quena, Quenacho, Bansuri, Zampoña Panflute, Recorder, and Ocarina.

An interesting feature of the app is that you can easily convert the fingering of your written song from one flute to another flute as much as it is convertible. In order to do that, write your song for one flute and simply open it for another flute.

Even if you have no knowledge in reading music, you may still be able to write your music easily using the fingering, timing, and editing tools in the app. You may save or print your written music as well.

The app includes important scales, exercises, as well as improvisation tool which can help improve your finger dexterity. Also, you can play the virtual instrument in the app if you have no access to a real flute.

The premium version enables the phrase save, print, export, and import features. It unlocks all exercises, and removes all ads from the app. The in-app purchase for accessing the premium version is a single-time payment which never expires.

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