Created by Bita Sobhani.

Robo Darbuka

Robo Dumbek

Robo Darbuka

Write a rhythm using the notes from the keyboard and Robo Darbuka will play it for you!

The app includes a comprehensive set of popular rhythms as well. You may pick a rhythm from the list and play it along with Bendir, cymbals, or clap sounds. You can also use the claps as a metronome for practicing the tempo when you play.

The app can not only play the selected traditional rhythms, useful for listen and practice, but also has the "Robo" function which allows the users to write their own Darbuka phrases or rhythms. The Robo function uses a simplified and intuitive writing music system, based on the names of the Darbuka strokes.

The app also simulates virtual Darbuka, Bendir, and cymbals. So you can practice playing the rhythms when you don't have a real instrument with you.

The rhythm selection list of this app has the "percussionist way" by default, but you can listen the "bellydance way" where there is the "Variation" label next to the rhythm.

The premium version enables the rhythm save, paste, export, import, and save to audio file features. It unlocks all rhythms and exercises, and removes all ads from the app. The in-app purchase for accessing the premium version is a single-time payment which never expires.

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