Created by Bita Sobhani.


I am an Android and iOS developer that has been active since 2016. In this website, you will learn about my innovative apps and games, as well as tutorials on playing some musical instruments.

A great portion of my apps are about learning German language including grammar, vocabulay translated in various languages, test preparation, and other tools that facilitates learning a foreign language.

The next part of my apps helps in learning some musical instruments such as Darbuka, Native American flute, Bansuri Indian flute. Unfortunately, not much online resources are avaibale on those fantastic instruments. In this website, you will also find tutorials on how to become a fluent Native American flute player quickly in a few weeks. More tutorials are coming soon.

My other successful apps are on drawing and painting. They can be used both by teachers for their online classes, as well as by children for drawing or coloring their favorite character.

I have also developed an innovative Quran app with unique features such as memorization tool based on voice recognition, chat with Quran, search tool in the original Arabic text, and a customisable widget that attaches to the device home screen.

My other apps are in various categories such as belly dance, navigation, learning about facial expressions.

I have also developed several creative and interactive games for babies and preschoolers. For example, one game helps in stimulating eyes in babies. Another game animates their drawing, and the other one uses several sensors on the device to make the game smart and highly interactive.

I will continue to develope unique apps, games, and tutorials. You can contact me if you have a question or request.




  • Native American Flute